About Our Little Miss

We are a year-round scholarship pageant system that focuses on natural beauty. Our system builds character, self-esteem, leadership, and community by providing recognition to girls and women of all ages who are beautiful and talented inside and out!


We represent the Florida and Georgia state divisions of the national Our Little Miss system, a three tier system that consists of pageants at the preliminary, state, and world levels, with two separate seasons.

"Official" season runs from January - July, and begins with several small preliminary competitions across the state, competing in a state qualifying pageant, and ending with the world's pageant, the highest title you can compete for in the system! Contestants must compete in interview, sportswear, beauty gown, and talent (for ages 7-19) in order to capture the crown!

"Beauty" season runs from July - January, and is structured very similar to official season. The season starts with preliminary pageants across the state, a state qualifying pageant, and a world's pageant. However contestants in Beauty season are not required to compete in talent, regardless of age.

All ages are welcome to complete (ages 0-2 are accompanied at all times by a chaperone), and we have titles available to each age group / season. Titles are awarded on a state and world level. 

State Official Color: 

Florida - Teal, Georgia - Black

State Beauty Color:

Florida - Mint, Georgia - Gray

Worlds Official Color:


Worlds Beauty Color:


Official Season Titles

Baby Petite (Ages 0-2)

Miss La Petite (Ages 3-6)

Our Little Miss (Ages 7-9)

Our Little Miss Pre-Teen (Ages 10-12)

Ideal Miss (Ages 13-15)

Universal Girl (Ages 16-20)

Universal Ms (Ages 21-28)

Universal Classic Ms (Ages 29+)

Beauty Season Titles

Universal Beauty 0-2

Universal Beauty 3-6

Universal Beauty 7-9

Universal Beauty 10-12

Universal Beauty 13-15

Universal Beauty 16-20

Universal Beauty 21-28

Universal Beauty 29+


The Our Little Miss Difference

What makes OLM different than other natural and glitz pageants? Our Little Miss is a family! Contestants and Queens alike treat each other with kindness and respect while fostering a healthy competition. 

Whether you make it to the state crown or world crown our reigning Queens enjoy their reigns! From trips to the capital and volunteer work to promoting the pageant and riding in parades, your reign is what you make of it!